Peace (From: The 239 Bus Ride Poems)

Even if you offer

to carry her shopping bag

she thanks for your notion

but will not hand you her

bBag carried with shoulder


Adding insult to injury

you’ll forget having been

used for a round of food

as she claimed back

private expenses

you played a part in.

Besides you shouldn’t have

become involved in her

mobile phone problems.

The usually friendly waitress

has changed her attitude

especially as B is appearing

at Stadtboden

one early morning

wishing to stay all day


having developed an allergy

toward Klnbg-Weidling.

Already in the bus

her friendly attitude changes

to slight thorny affront

as long as it will not turn

into blunt aggression.

The artist has shown enough

Goodwill toward a status

Of peace

That’s fragile but worthwhile

To keep.






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