The Artist’s Eye ( From: The 239 Bus Ride Poems)

If Mr T does not amble

down to the A/F today

the artist Z has to go

and visit his domicile.

Bring along DVD’s

letters to prospective


in German and English

plus reference add’s to


postcards from artist A.F’s

drawings and fifteen white

envelopes plus

his fav ice cream.

The heat of the city’s late


radiating from the cobbles

cooks us like fast food

lulls our brains into slumber.

By five pm the artist’s eye

fell into an anthill

the crafty pharmacist’s help

saves it from its itchy-witchy


Puff. Money rules.

I’ll help my street-wise friend

to print some money

even in smaller denominations.

No way cash ‘ll be abandoned

according to him.

You must love what you are

doing. He laughs aloud.

My meager earnings I spend

in the pharmacy and bakery.

God protect and god bless

our Emperor Franz…

The music sounds from a

nearby souvenir shop

selling memorabilia like

hot buns.






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