Number Seven (From: The 239 Bus Ride Poems)

Today’s date reminds me

of another date: 7747 and

if added together 25=7 again

the number Seven emerges

by reduction

already known in Babylon

and ancient Egypt.

Anna used to play the

number game with me

and we enjoyed these

mental exercises.

The sacred number Seven

remained her favourite

as fixed through her birthday.

However 911 became a

symbol for terrorism

but also the date of her


There might have been

a relationship once

between numbers and life

as we tick to mathematics

of the universe

even if we wish to free

our minds from this notion

of dependency.

B in manic mood this morn’

the new French Press

coffee maker has contributed

to a new coffee culture

that we’d lost in the decay

of social Athens.

Perhaps it was time for this

kind of rebirth at our

advancing ageing.





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