Always on the Go

A quick walk uphill

from the gravel yard

of contention.

The unique Arts&Crafts

master towers at his

terrace railing of Top 1.

Tattoos decorate his

arms –

How are you? I greet him.

Good thank you. He replies.

I’m always on the go.

That’s good he sniggers

with his Swiss accent.

Since weeks I try to have

A few words with him

but when I see him I’m poised

to catch the bus.

Till later – ends our standard

Conversation in passing.

I’m rushing to downtown

to accompany Mr T to

the Federal Cahncellery –

The Bundeskanzleramt –

As it means a lot to him

for me perhaps to meet

an art collector or

a friendly person good to


Stay away for another day

from an angered spouse

from an overworked and

busy mechanic

right among these living


The unhealthy mix:


Clogged-up sewer lines.

Pollen-blowing wind.

A sun battling with cold

winds – B complains about.

For the artist: helping the

wealthy with their toils

scrape together hard-earned


Writer  painter  poet  scribe

Friend  companion

PA and sales clerk.

The artist who once designed

and built clinics offices workshops

factories and Executive homes

could adopt his mind and skills

to anything.






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