20170523 ‘AZZA ISLE’

And so it continues

day for pallid day

the familiar route

by bus 239 to town.

Its hot tyres grind

deep paths into the

roadmap of memories.

There’s no peace in sight

of spouse’s warring talk

yet the artist lives by his

hope for a quiet life

in midst the Same Sea

the Same Island:


His mind a constellation

of geometrical shapes

lit up in rainbow colours.

Artist and Poet:

Their boat of creation

free floating where

the blue horizon melts

flawlessly into the

Same Blue Sea.

The House of Books

emerges as a white dot

on top of the hill.

The poet has notated

his book of poems:

Twenty one Days and One.

For the artist

to take a cue for his

series of paintings of love:


The longing for a space

to work in silence –

undisturbed –

Like a child in the mother’s


yet realizing love and pain

that chases man and beast






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