DO 20170629

The efficient bus is on time

at the City of Saints

hop on the U4 and rattle down

where U1 shoots one station

to the central Old Town’s

St Stephen

assembly square for every visitor.

It’s difficult to get thro’ toward

The Square of Jews

meet Nica

alert and elegant in purple-blue

intense coloured dress

enhancing her dusky magical

eyes and painted eyebrows.

It’s always great seeing her

we talk about our work at A/F

pause and laugh.

The artist’s eyes see her body

outlined on his canvas

he has created in his mind.

‘Your work is useless if you

don’t exhibit’. B’s words

reverberate in me.

‘Your words are superfluous

useless and dead’

she states about my poetry.

I think I hear Simchi talk about

my poetry back in my student


but at least she left my art

unblemished from negativity.

And what does Nica say?

Nothing much.

She bought my art.

Is there any better proof

for the purpose of an artist?

The artist stated with his cycle:


his unfailing belief in his personal


A painting sold to Val in Athens

another to Nica in Vienna

Jo received one for her birthday

and many more sit in her

cupboard space.

Me – ZG – Bard of the brush

Love printed onto paper

bludgeoned with emotional

uproar onto white canvas.






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