The 239 Bus Ride Poems – Into a pleasant morn’

Into a pleasant morn’

the techy-guy brings

a new box for better

TV reception

but our TV fails entirely.

No way to receive receptions

whatever might happen.

B is up in arms

not being consulted

for a new TV –

Not true – she only forgot.

She’ll accept nothing

not even my effort

to buy a new TV

as she will not pay for it.

She’ll boxed herself off

reality and wishes to run

her own life only on her

own terms.

I do not stop her

but she acts confused

murmurs continually

her anger

while she cleans the floors.

The moment we are distant

she’s able to communicate.

I’m not accepted as her

as her living-in mate

after 47 years any longer

but there’s no way she’ll

be ever able to live in her

own flat

unless she’ll find a new mate.

I doubt that.

For now: Living under one roof

kills both our creativity

besides the ongoing traffic.

The car repair shop nearby

will kill her peace.

I’ll be impossible for her

creating new fashion jewelry.

Welcome Duke for your great

Jazz through headphones

offloaded from YouTube.


zoltanzelan  ©ZJG-POetry’17

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