The Green Journal Poems – Tue 20170516

Woke up to blue skies

the air a steaming mix

cool inflow to a hot sun

clouds gather.

The plastic bottle caps

into the collection bin

near the village centre

glass bottles into the

Recycling bin.

Sit on a bench at the

bus stop near the local

catholic church.

Cars rip past like out for

a merciless hunt

tire vapour

diesel fumes

dust and noise pollution

road repairs in progress

vines and chemtrails first

man and health come second.

Soul’s food like Placido’s

musical performance

interrupted by political

announcements on all

nine local TV stations.

What for?

Populism against art?

He who pays the piper

calls the tune.

Yes but only in direct

democracies! Where?

In Iceland I believe

the only one?

Free education: we fight for it –

VSSTÖ – So one poster declares

among a sea of posters.

The road to cities is paved with

good intentions.

B and I have become tired of

verbal fighting after 49 years

of married life

we both question now.





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