The 239 Bus Ride Poems W20170503


April ended

May started off with

four seasons in a day.

This Wednesday kicked off

with brushed-blue skies

but clouded up for breakfast

started drizzling by

lunch time.

Mr T had a bad day

Nica signals me from

behind the counter.

Only Viki has an angry

eyeball to eyeball shout

until Mr T cools somewhat

down again

yet nothing seems to go well

for him.

The painting in query

apparently veritable

turns out to be a flop and

not an original Isidor K.

While walking back from


Mr T fetches some takeaway

from Rheinthaler’s

but it is not his correct order

so we have to walk back

in the rain.

It’s Wednesday he says

Grammelknödel with a healthy

portion of Sauerkraut

well not my type of food

but tasting a bit

I found it cooked quite well.

Mr T orders one Bohemian

pancake as discount for his


Poppyseed with povidl is a

seciality here.

Walking back to base in the rain

taxis are difficult to get.

At Stephansplatz I take the U1

change trains at Schwedenplatz

phone B who complains

about headaches –

Fetch me coffee capsules –

she says.

In this weather?

She rings back not to worry

she wouldn’t wish me to run

about in this weather.




ZJG-POetry ’17.

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