Life’s Restlessness


My body drifts like

white dandelion seed

my mind still sharpens

a journal poet’s drizzle

of words

my innermost spirit

in overdrive.

In a daily trot of commuting

I play the 239 bus

for adequate words.

Besides a daily escape

from a spouse’s clutches

makes it worth my while.

Loose count of days

in the Sea of Same

for more than two


Life’s a laugh and it should

not bear down its inherent

sadness on us.

Avoid bad news and live

in ignorance?

Don’t make yourself mad

take a step at a time.

The window in which

I’m allowed to live and

prepare my creative work

is though restricted

Commanded by the spoils

of Mr T – he’ll pass them on

to me in his chosen time.

But thanks to the smile

of elfin Nica and her

fine vibe connections

to Mrs I.R.

this continuation of

life’s restlessness

that drives all members

of the A/F in pre-selected

movements across the

chessboard of life

we call coincidences

yet just as there is a

mastermind behind the

universe with its giant wheel:

Thus all our fates are driven

living with our temporary

appearance on the blue planet.

Earth. Htrae.




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