Krag Maga

This symbol I like –

Your heart is black and white

it’s ying and yang my dear

you’ll need to think about

the balance of body and soul.

Classical theme for centuries

a famous piece of music


while I sit at Brunnenpark –

Fountain park’s cubicle of

all around glass.

traffic zipping past

either you are poisoned

or gassed.

Yesterday’s chem-trails have

forced up the clouds

nightly thunderstorms

but to escape diesel and

petrol fume

is rather impossible.

Thanks god for lush extensive

greens and trees.

Buy golden roses

surprise Nica

who surprised me with

a bottle of wine and one

fridge magnet from Porec


Mrs surprised I’m at

the A/F.

Well this time I needed

a prolonged rest

after our action filled trip

to Bratislava.

After tomorrow.

Yet another busy time

in T’s beloved city.






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