Bratislava 20170427


He sat by himself

in the still aura of separation

from his beloved and unloved


in an aftermath of tension

on and off

since three years

he mused as he started to relax

with a draught of local Erb

while his friend T complained

about his alcohol-free beer

from a bottle

to have no foam at all.

It’s kept much too cold

he moans summoning the


who politely responded

pointing out the automatic

setting of the fridge as

required by the producer.

T responded with a notion

of keeping some bottles

to room temperature

demanding a five star service

in a four star hotel.

Only at Jasmin he could relax

the bottle of Schlossberg

to his taste

besides one Euro cheaper.

Yet time to Muse

reflect and hang-on to the

branches of thought-trees.

If there should be some

pleasant tees for the taking

It’ll lift up his spirits later

hovering over manuscripts

in his kitchen-study in WU.

He notices Xin Xii’s rejection

of his book cover upload.

It’ll need to be 1400 pixels

wide for the acquisition of

an ISNB number.

Fortunately he remembered

Program paint and then:


The new title cover was

accepted that he painted as a

Dedication for Charlie Hebdo:

Purple face with purple blood

Shaping the profile in outline.

zoltanzelan ©ZJG-POetry’17.

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