Age 77 to year 5777


The year with numbers seven

as content

as in my 77th year and in the

Hebrew Year 5777.

Suddenly as I looked at my photograph

Harald sent me

it seemed to me

as if I observed my cousin Peter

who is a few years ahead of me.

Then constant bickering of B

left me near bald

her sharpened teeth picked at

my scalp and fending her off

we both agreed of having turned


incompatible to each other.

A trepid entry into the world

of ageing

while friend T urges me to paint

something for AIDA

the sweetshop chain.

A foreigner addresses travelers

on the bus

keen of stroking a woman’s hair

shifting his plastic bags

mumbling words like ‘American’

pointing to a flag on his


It’s not an easy task to focus

on one’s work

listening to the news and

keep one’s hopeful thinking up.

Businessmen keep alert for


The state protects its culture

amidst party member’s infights.

A spouse wishes to reclaim the

lost riches of youth.

The poet’s soul’s a seer.

The artist’s sensors depict

the slightest surge of his soul’s





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