Givers have to learn

to set limits

because takers don’t

have any.

Quote: facebook from

Sun Gazing.

This’ll be and has been

generally true.

At times Z is in a giving


when storm clouds

had dissolved in rays

of an early summer sun

and B’s balance returned.

He whistles a song –

in his mind Ellington’s band –

But he cannot think of

the tune’s name.

The melody though infectious

sticks to his mind since

his late teens.

Reawakening last night

while he typed his poems

picking a video from YouTube.

She is amazed at his

good mood. What happened?

Traveling downtown

picking a mesh-cap at Nagy’s

is pure good luck

taking a chance

on B’s advice. It’s good. It fits.

It’s pleasant to wear.

Life’s good suddenly.

Enjoy the happy moment.

When Z smiles B follows.

The charcoal-dusty

atmosphere suits him

and her.

A dusky Macedonian waitress

serves mint drinks


a salads with shrimps

another with calamari.


Superb – brepuS.

I love this music

B says. What is it?

I know the artist. I see his face

Before me. His long curly hair.

Tommy T?


When you’ve eaten the ink-fish

you’ll remember. She says.

I like this saxophone.

It’s a soprano sax and –

the spark of remembrance –

It’s Kenny G – He says.






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