Pariser Schnitzel


Already yesterday evening

she ordered a veggie dish

from her fav pizza shop nearby.

Saturday night I had again

gained moments of understanding

with her – my spouse of 48 years.

This morn’ on ‘Pink Sunday’

she desires to go out

lauding a place in the city:

Beer bar brasserie eatery and

restaurant altogether

whatever one feels for

whatever the mood.

Traveling U4’s green line

a fast trip to a tourist-laden

city like all cities during the

summer season.

A short walk from St Stephen’s

toward the opera

she suddenly takes my hand

pulling me into Kruger Street

its name synonymous with an

infamous president’s of S.A.


Restaurant after restaurant

she enters ‘Stadtboden’ –

Floor of the city –

Dusky atmosphere of Vienna’s

Art deco remembering famous

artists and poets

who made the city famous.

Now we are the moodmakers

of our own existence

checking out cafes and bars

that suit our own intellectual

make up. Cheers.

B insisted on Pariser Schnitzel

and although not on the menu

she succeeded with management.

Great deed! Great meal

reminding me of my fav food

in student years

in downtown Vienna.

Prost – Tsorp – with a glass of


I make note s into my Green Journal

20170604 –

Café Brasserie Bar Restaurant ‘Stadtboden’.

Manager: George.








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