Have a nice public holiday

the cashier says

and yet asked what kind

nobody knows.

Forgot to buy some eggs

have to go back.

Emerging again B phones

I tell her about the holiday

she needs two litres of

lactose free milk.

Returning a third time

now lucky I’ve got all to

survive another day

another weekend at the

green and dusty countryside

inundated with crossing

Chemtrails in the sky.

The bus has not yet arrived

due every half hour

the office clerk at Zuklin Bus

will investigate thanks to


but it’s this time of zilch use.

Discipline is lacking

car drivers seem irritated at

zebra crossings

pedestrian lives hang in


B has caught an influenza virus

many people cough and sneeze.

I rush to town and the A/F

as Nica will leave at 14:00

still 1 ½ hours to write T’s

complimentary postcards

issued for a charitable cause.

It seems a waste

no use to query if it’s a

sensual decision –

But personal hourly input


even 1 ½ hours means

an equivalent of nine Euro

when prices for living

steadily rise.

B’s hard hit this month

I’ll give her lots of support

not solely groceries

but a pleasant day downtown

with lunch at her fav haunt

and for coffee she invites me

to Café Opera

sated in rattan chairs with

a view towards Karlsplatz.

I recall Body & Soul –

a balanced musical piece

such balance in life is difficult

to achieve.






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