Mistake or Fate



I woke this morn’ from a dream

Of a Muse talking to me.

It was not my dream

The room in darkness

B talked and delivered

A monologue

About her unhappy state

Of mind

Her life not what she was

Aiming for.

It was a mistake to marry

And why did I not return

Back to my Mom?

Why did I not marry Anna

Who would have been

An ideal partner?


I just stuck to my promise

To B’s Mom: Always to look

After her. That’s what she

Wanted when we left


But B did not know

She preferred to search

for a partner who could

afford her whims

while she made me feel

for years that I couldn’t.

Instead pushed on for a life

I could ill afford.

Mistake or Fate?

However I just listened and

Murmured my responses

Into my bed

But walking to downtown’s

Stores next morn’

It all came back to my mind.




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