Holocaust Day


The day the bus

remained empty –

It’s Holocaust Day

T said

ordering another coffee

from his personnel.

L activated the kettle

while the poet prepared

the coffee to T’s taste

ready-mixed Nestle

milk powder included

plus he wanted extra milk.

In the bus

opposite to me

a young woman

face of Brooke Shields

slightly masculine

long legged

working her smart phone.

I had a can of cold Gösser

at the H/S espresso


having missed my bus

by one minute.

Red is the colour of her


making her presence

bolshy and fiery.

T complained his spouse

IR has retreated to her

own flat now

and he’ll need more help.

Now there are: Lily and


David and Viki

yet there are moments

I’d spend rather time

with her than him

I’ll do that with a portrait

I’ll paint for her.




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