Bus 239 20170420


Yesterday’s snow has

completely dissolved

yet icy winds prevail.

I flee to the bus on time

a free ride to Weidling’s


Two stops later

B stepped into the Bus

id not recognize me

at first

sitting at the back.

But as she half-turns

to activate the stop button

she gives me a hand sign.

I have to sit alone and

ponder my thoughts

about a life together

failing to provide for her

old age. Does she want

me to feel guilty?

I take the U-Bahn to


walk to KHM next door.

Nica gave me a year’s

entrance ticket as a

gift For my birthday.

Sketch book and pen is

all I’ll need for the next

few hours

seeking inspiration.

A copy artist paints in

painstaking mood

Breughel’s winterscape.

I sketch the essence of

One of his landscapes.




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