B’s morning song

20150225_093837-1B sings her morning song

praising a life in the sun

we do not have an inkling

of in February’s Weidling

for her life revolves around

her heart’s own drum beat

I suppose to follow.

But yesterday’s fight with

misunderstandings on end

lingers on

besides a night with

interrupted sleep.

Her own demeanor

verbally underlined

with continual comments

questions and answers

oozes her anger if I would

not agree.

Is this a life together?

In my kitchen corner

domain I’ve drawn back

to and regroup to her

manic depressive state.

Since years we would have

already separated

if not for economies and

a roof above our heads:

That is the golden key

in these windswept

Austrian lands.

Welcome to the cage

Of basic survival

Yet another spring is

on its unstoppable way.




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