Weidling. Weidling Station

Weidling, Weidling station.

Bipa. Buy Odol Med 3

gum action gargle. OK.

Fewa soft tissues by the time

241 bus arrives

stops at Weidling station

all’s forgotten.

The mind flies ahead

to Nica

friendly co-worker at

Gallery du Juif.

No more bad vibes

no more moaning in

continual batches

about a life undeserved

to end without any help:

It’s all mon marie’s fault

as she derives from an

academic family

and would have deserved

better at her age.

She’s unhappy and if angry

she states to be unhappy

during all her life

and he provokes her

to be rude

in an exchange of words

about mere trivialities.

While he’s active

creating works of art

she lacks an outlet for her


creating  fashion-accessories.

She’s on about me to have

a good day in downtown


where I sit in a gallery

laminating art-photographs

snapshots of an unhappy

man’s sweethearts

who revels in his virile past.

gnildieW. gnildieW.




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