Crass Fraud

He read on facebook’s posting site:

The problem with the world is

that the intelligent people are full

of doubts

while the stupid ones are full of


Indeed! He knocked his head

with his clenched fist.

How stupid were you my friend

your brain filled with 77 years of


but it seems to be only seven years

at one time

letting yourself to be drawn into

a confidence scam:

Promises of easy earned cash –

There’s never such a thing based

on honesty

you should have listened

to your inner voice

the genuine warnings of your soul.


No use of swearing.

No use of crying over spilled milk!

Get-up from the floor

flattened by crass fraud.

Delusions of wealth

celebratory orgies of flesh and


Dust yourself off

start saving-up again.

No gain without pain.

No love without sacrifice.

Evol – Niap.




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