Black Money

You feel guilty of not

getting on with the young woman

you’ve married.


She does not seem to make an effort

to hang-on to you

but aims to catch a millionaire.


In the growth of distrust

between spouses

ill feelings are sewn by the elderly

and disappointed.


If she trusts the boxes of Valium

prescribed by her friendly doctor

she’ll be in trouble with her health.


Her life ‘s a sequel of operations

blamed in late life on her spouse

who had health problems on his own

but the positions have suddenly changed.


Women’s Lib has also taken hold of the

artist’s spouse

and jealousy for other women

has set foot in her mind.


Mrs IR offers accommodation

to the battered artist during the week

but her own marriage is topsy-turvy.

God bless the artist –

understood only by other artists.

In the background those who have

will always play on vassals

and trade potential intimacies

for black money.







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