Abandoned but Never Lost

You never should forfeit

to keep good friends

and friendly neighbours.

This bi-weekly trek

from the valley

near the Viennese Woods

has been a worthwhile

hourly effort there and back.

Spending one whole day

a month

appears to be the sacrifice

for making some cash

you’ll need one day

publishing your art.

But who’ll care about it?

For some readers you have

given away your art

like drops of blood from

a body’s battered life.

Viv – misunderstood by peers

and friends

appears whenever you leave

a message to be in town

assisting with a gallery’s

administrative tasks.

For more than an hour your

minds touch and query

matters of general and

personal interests.

It feels like the ebb and flow

of a search for the truth.

Her touch of fingers

feels delicate

sensual extensions of her


translucent spirit of a violinist

talented performer of

Classical compositions

standing still in the shadows

of the Place du Juif

abandoned but never lost

to her artist-friend.

Ce ca.




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