A Day Starting with a Bad Bang

I read in the morn’ from


By George Seferis:

Our loving-kindness, our best intensions: how briefly

they hold out against the millstone of fate.

If only one could at least work, could consecrate oneself

like a passionate artisan, with humility –

Not this wasteful struggle for one’s daily bread.


INDEED. The struggle will only stop

if one falls over, dead.

Until then one should use time to create

wonderful scenes of imaginary landscapes

depicted from the varying images of the soul.

The counterbalance to one’s physical efforts

to keep bad things at bay and master the pitfalls

of daily living.


The painted frame that slides from one’s hand

and knocks down onto the tiled stone floor

of the Heiligenstadt station.

The glass all shattered with cracking noise.

There’s no way back home to replace it.

The way forward is to find a glass work in

Korneuburg, opposite the army barracks,

Koppel is the name.

The plush cab charges eight Euro for a smooth

Short ride in a big Beemer.

The new glass will be done, by good luck,

immediately, the receptionist stated.

Standard glazing 30 x 40 cm.

WOW. Seven Euro.


A man appearing with his wife offers to take

me back to town. Great. He wants me to

step out his car in the City’s Square, but his

spouse insists to drop me at the hospital.

UH! Saved a fare to replace the glass.

Then at last I will get some praise from

my surgeon: She loves my painting and I am

pleased to please her with my art.


Her exam of my scar is favourable and she

asks me to walk up and down without pants.

I wonder what she thinks checking my

nude posture. She must like it.

Later she smiles again looking at my painting:

A poet’s license showing her as an apprentice

to the art of replacing artificial joints

to knees and hips.

I am glad I built a good tacit understanding

with her immediately, when she took me

as a patient.

Inviting her for a visit to the gallery

I work at some times, telling her about

its dedicated function.

For now Werner entertains me with some stories

asking me to phone him at my next visit to the


as he lives nearby.

He shows off giving me a lift in his small Merc

letting me out at the station.

A day that started with a bad bang

ending half way with a smile.




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