Curses of Three.

Like a punch ball

between my spouse and life

she’s cursing me thru

her mobile gadget

adamant I have to fill-up

the water tank

for the coffee machine

we use also as a kettle.

I forgot this morn’.


At unsolicited unsalaried

work for a holocaust museum

I am cursed for leaving on

the lights.

The schnitzel meat’s too hard-

since it’s pork.

The potato chips are too pale-

Take it back! The owner shouts

at his secretary Nica

who explains to him why.

I agree with her.

My investments burned

instead of doubling

hard earned cash went the

other way…

I curse and need two ice-cold

German Pils. Ahhh!

My efforts have a holiday

are spoiled and need a new

track back again.

Start afresh.

Blame yourself.

Have some time off.




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