She hums that same song you love

You think you have

the unilateral decision

to become financially


with some investment

that promises you

a monthly income

half a good pension.

You choke if you lose

the body is stressed

all bad things come

in threes.

It’s time for you to make

yourself a better life.

Will you?

Nothing’s more a guarantee

than seeing yourself

in the mirror each morning

you still hear the chairman

of your old company say

where you worked in the

suburbs of Sandton.


For now you have to swim


across a melee of uncertainties

before you could think

of flying away

As your spouse hums

that same song you love.




Friday morn’ she asked me

to show her some love

not for physical satisfaction

but compassion.

Her world is upside down

for she forces issues

she later regrets.

With fashion she’ll recreate

her inner self

fishing for compliments

be acknowledged like an artist

for his creations

she creates herself

at whatever cost.

She even pawns her jewelry

races back and forth

killing herself with food

her body cannot digest

punishing her emaciated body

besides accusing all others

spouse of 47 years included

in a deep-seated anger

about her fate – save for

three men in her life.

I have to go to work

he says pouring her a glass

of lactose-free milk

while he holds her hand.




A Poet’s Murder

Beki Ikala Erikli –

Spiritual teacher

‚The Power of Angels‘

connect to one’s inner voice

intuition or thru’ Angels

help to find ones life’s


Why does a murderer

like Koc exist at all?

Many friends wish to be able

to eliminate all evil in the world

like Charlotte said.

I quite agree

but also leave facts of history

for awareness of all people

educate thru’ art and music

as Barenboim intends to do.

While ZZ the poet

works his art thru’ love.




You must not hurry

You must not hurry matters

least your departure from home

throw out the trash

make your bed

wash your dishes.

As you’ll return to a bedsitter

you’ll like

b not pushed off by foul smells

or an untidied room.

You must not rush home

from your place of work

as it is a prescribed method first

you need to apply for the owner:

Telephone answering engage.

DVD movie switched off.

Loudspeakers on the table.

Remote behind the counter.

Lights off and poster into

the entrance beam.

Now then you walk steadily

to the subway station –

Stephansplatz –

Buy some fresh rolls at Ströck

accompanying a meal tonight:

Pumpkin onion stew

cauliflowers raw

in lieu of bread.

Green tea.







If you’ll get up

on a misty cold morning

with a right foot first

barefooted passed the

sharp-edged polished

glass tabletop cautiously.

Too often you’ve hit your leg

below the knee’s festering wound.

Make a happy face to a sad


as B already up

prep’s her Halva fruit and milk.

You rub your face and cut your

own fruit into a glass bowl

add yoghurt  chia  cinnamon.

Not all’s well but your health

while B still labours

throws at you her skin and bones.

On top of it life hurts

could you still climb a mountain

of debris

to make some opportunities

be yours?




Ariadne’s thread

The steam of anger

frustration and bad mood

has evaporated

during cold November nights

along the tidy rows of vines.

You ask from life’s opportunities

for another chance

to revisit personal happiness

take up Ariadne’s thread

earn some good times

at your advanced ripe age.

While hope creates sweet thoughts

of tamarind

you paint another layer

to Anna’s turquoise portrait

part of your heart’s blue fibres.

Throw recyclable glasses

into the dark grey boxes

for saving the environment?

Will you still find the island

of your dreams exists

upon earth’s labyrinth

at the end of fate’s thread

closing your existence?




Zora’s reflection (fom ‘Zora’s Mistake’, a novel by ZJ Galos).

The ghosts of the past: They appear at times on the stage of Zora’s mind, in a succession of sketches and short plays – Kimh, estranged sister-in-law, refusing to hand out Zora’s inherited possessions; the sinewy Taubenkoglnarr in front of his Bivouac on the ‘Krippenstein’, saving lives of silly tourists; Gerald as a social helper on a Greek Island, enjoying a hedonistic life like in Classical times; Dr. Egan in a wheelchair suffering from a series of spinal operations, still arguing with his living in partner about gender love; Zora’s best friend Norb, extending his hand to help him survive his lung disease; his dog Franzi, leaning against him showing his compassion for life’s heavy blow; his Mom who surprises him, willing to accompany him to one of his art exhibitions; Simchi, his first great love, who returns to him, her first man, to be loved by him; Joan, his partner in architectural design work, who still fosters a niche in her heart for his love and of course Ana, who always will have a special place for him as his favourite Muse, in this extraordinary panoptical slideshow of related spirits.

And Nica? She is the petite secretary of Tommy and minds the running of the Art Shop. Behind her delicate appearance an alert and active mind charges anything that interests her. This is especially her own survival in a town, where its historic past still shows at times a flare up of insular Xenophobia. However Zora likes the dusky-eyed woman with her Jean d’Arc image, her practical approach to daily matters and her rebellious mind in regard to mainstream thinking. She likes to have a chance to be responsible for curating a contemporary art exhibition. Zora showed her a few of his paintings and she replied that his work speaks to her. Will she one day reach her goal of curatorship? Zora wishes that they could work together and enjoy the success of equal-minded partners. Will this ever happen?