She can communicate

better on the phone

as in reality face to face

or so it seemed at first.

The poet has been used

to it since 1999

the year he met his most

impressive Muse

on the Internet.

But then comm’s had been

intensified thru’ Eros

some call: Cyberlove –

Ana  Anne  Anetha.

She had many names

depending on the mood

using her poetic license

but she shied away from

being in the public eye.

My woman – for Z the man.

My man – for A the Muse.

At present V communicates

with the poet thru’ talks.

She’s a wonderful model

for ZG’s painting:

Demoiselles de Vienne.

But she does not know yet

walking hand in hand

overgrown with hemp.

It has played in her mind

to do that ever since

musing about it with him

with Z the poet

bringer of joy

and relaxation.




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