Zora’s reflection (fom ‘Zora’s Mistake’, a novel by ZJ Galos).

The ghosts of the past: They appear at times on the stage of Zora’s mind, in a succession of sketches and short plays – Kimh, estranged sister-in-law, refusing to hand out Zora’s inherited possessions; the sinewy Taubenkoglnarr in front of his Bivouac on the ‘Krippenstein’, saving lives of silly tourists; Gerald as a social helper on a Greek Island, enjoying a hedonistic life like in Classical times; Dr. Egan in a wheelchair suffering from a series of spinal operations, still arguing with his living in partner about gender love; Zora’s best friend Norb, extending his hand to help him survive his lung disease; his dog Franzi, leaning against him showing his compassion for life’s heavy blow; his Mom who surprises him, willing to accompany him to one of his art exhibitions; Simchi, his first great love, who returns to him, her first man, to be loved by him; Joan, his partner in architectural design work, who still fosters a niche in her heart for his love and of course Ana, who always will have a special place for him as his favourite Muse, in this extraordinary panoptical slideshow of related spirits.

And Nica? She is the petite secretary of Tommy and minds the running of the Art Shop. Behind her delicate appearance an alert and active mind charges anything that interests her. This is especially her own survival in a town, where its historic past still shows at times a flare up of insular Xenophobia. However Zora likes the dusky-eyed woman with her Jean d’Arc image, her practical approach to daily matters and her rebellious mind in regard to mainstream thinking. She likes to have a chance to be responsible for curating a contemporary art exhibition. Zora showed her a few of his paintings and she replied that his work speaks to her. Will she one day reach her goal of curatorship? Zora wishes that they could work together and enjoy the success of equal-minded partners. Will this ever happen?

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