eternity of love

i watched you all my life

lost and found you between

my written lines

a red and yellow rose

your face

took on my poems in white

ink tattoos

on you amber skin

my first love poem to you

inscribed in miniature writing

upon your dusky eyes

and while I wrote you love letters

i thought were lost

your low cut top I came across

read with fascination my story

of the triad children sliding down

and year after year you let me

read at your birthday

another love letter

a poem I had put together for


but for my birthday you let me

embrace all your body and in love

i would read my first novel about

love called fervor

you kept all these years

embroidered on your amber skin

with every stroke its pages turned

and with loving you gave me

a palpable exhilaration

this the eternity of love.




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