Three Sons

3 Sons                                                                 ( To the documentary movie by Birgit Karin Weber)

You offload your tempest

with the tips of your fingers

to support the pleas against

inhumane decisions

continued attempts to rub-out

facts of proven history.


Besides an online voting system

besides a ‘like’ for community

contributions worldwide.


You have to fight for your freedom

to contribute your artistic efforts

in video verse and prose

depict your inner rebel’s storm

onto digital media of art:

Paper  canvas  walls and ceilings.


You have traveled to northern lands

along rivers  meadows  changing woods

trees in bright electric yellow along

streamlined white metallic city shells

that nobody noticed but admired

on their electronic screens.


You stood knee-deep in awe

venerated this age of artistic comm’s

messages of tempest


desperation and sparks of hope.


Barbed wire

black railway lines that led to the

iconic arched entrance of the

most infamous extermination camp

with promise of sure death.

Incineration. White smoke.


Hope –

Yes hope still lives on in sons

of the next generation enhanced by an

artistic docu – 3 Sons – living proof

the Holocaust mastered but never forgotten.

Evol. Epoh. Rever0f.




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