Inner make-up

I’m made up:

Of one first poem – the leaf

never mind age fifteen

sixteen seventeen

setting the basics of unlocking

feelings of love.

Of searching for an entrée

to the world of art

with a friend

with a girl who had selected

me for her first intimacies.

Of an inner labyrinth with

many niches – being a designer

of buildings –

Another of depicting my

inner world of feelings

creating a wonderland of

fantastic mythical imagery.

Of an opening I slipped through

to confront a poet in me

a stranger yet familiar

a product of poetical incest.

I’m made up:

Of my other side that claims

destruction of myself that

I have presented in my past years

of my middle aged life.

I’m made up:

Of particles in the air

that surround my being

so as I’ll exist for my friends.





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