1. Dance of the Firebird


She came within a plume

of white smoke

a radiating fierce glow

dissipating all existing goods

until the scene was pristine


A designer’s landscape all in

pure white.

She loosened herself from the

ice-white cloud

swept thru’ the lands with

slow moving wings

brought back all deep greens

to meadows and trees.

Powerful sweeping wings

took her orange-red body

towards the lacquered blue skies

flames surrounded her nubile

body she moved seductively

to music that emanated below

her stately wings.

Her eagle-eyes mesmerized

men women and deer

until this wild dance whirled her

into trance

sparks flew in all directions

as she burst up

smithereens into the blue air.

Blue rain started and coloured

up the earth

even sun rays became tainted

with a shade of blue and

everybody rushed below trees

and cowered for shelter.

When eyes opened up again

from men and beast

women and cats

kids and mice

a plume of white cloud disappeared

and dissolved in blue on a painting

of an artist’s canvas

where a red bird-woman

appeared in a dancing pose.




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