Evol lost.

Zipping in and out of focus

taking us in and out of city life’s


below the hot-plate squares

of history.

Sitting on the sunny side at

morning’s commuting train

smells of Jasmin. Aluminum.

Dew covered flowering

garden seats

touching of legs

bumping into each other

rushing toward sweethearts

friends and to ice cream shops

standing in queue for a special

roll. Walnut- Kipferl. Mohnbeugerl

Sushi or Maki.

Buy a can of beer or two

on the way home

after a hectic afternoon

taking knocks from the noveau riche

and esoteric arrogance

listen to Chick Corea’s Electric Band

heading to the WU-country side

in the city’s rush hour

insensitive to heat and sweaty smells

breathing the so called ‘fresh air’

of a diesel fume trenched village

on a thoroughfare

close windows and doors

sink into a sub-standard bed.

Have we turned incompatible

like cat and dog?

What has one gained with all

EVOL lost?






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