Quartet of Thoughts


When I returned to Athens
three years later
from an involuntary stay
that placed me at the mercy
of the state
I had no part in its present
assembling –
I had to swallow hard.
Friendly people assisted
with their welcome
however hard it was to find
my goods I had to leave
previously behind.
The vagaries of time had
folded and refolded all
my favourite clothes
looking like a heap of rags.
But love prevailed above
anger and frustration and
the utter revolt of the flesh
as Albert used to state.
Jo came with laboured gait
to help me at that moment
when I had to admit defeat
in the undefeated city
to gather renewed hope.
Jo and Maria – North and
South – at crossroads of
intellect and the practical art
of living.
Anna and Mimis
these two good spirits
whose metaphysical love
will guide us along.
If Anna said: Is love death?
She meant the absolute of
which seems absurd.
If Mimis said: I will kill all Turks
he meant not patriotism
but solely his concern about
Greek’s survival!
This story of love and friendship
is a unique experience in a
a quartet of thoughts.


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