Elfin of Art

Bodies & Faces 6 Scan

She’s a dusky-eyed beauty
Elfin of the Art Shop
fleeting between canvases of
expressionist art.
Nica just escaped the pages
of a minimalist fashion shoot
one hell of a gifted communicator.
She’s been at this historic spot
of Vienna’s Jewish Quarter
for some time now
part of the scene
part of a unique gallery.
Nica has a way with friends she can
make easy keeping them forever
like Chicago-Kurti
who is keen to take her out.
Like von Markuczi
collector of Classical paintings
and jester of Inverted talk
bearlike funny if you know him.
I am glad the poet is stirred
the painter is excited portraying
her to his canvas
render her immortal.
She’s a dusky-eyed elfin who
saved a few lives giving from her
She’ll receive this love back
more than a thousandfold.


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