Last Silent Night

The last Silent Night.

Days of tensions
days of celebrations.
Some have glowing shopping experiences

Nica T and poet

Last Silent Night

others have the wellbeing of a friend
closest to their hearts.
Days of candle-lit places
days of a bipolar state of existence.
Some enjoy a wintry whirlwind romance
others have shared joys with a friend
foremost on their minds.
Evenings of endless chain-lights
nights of warm-up closeness.
The poet noted that’s good to have her
around for a chat a smile a hug and her
concern for all her friends.
Some embraces may come too late
some reunions might fail
even efforts to collect all shattered pieces
of a lifelong togetherness remain futile.
This’s the end of a long winding road.
This’s the last Silent Night.


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