she tied me up

living together in a small place at an advanced age.


She tied me up
with her mental attitudes
gagged me for I am allowed
to write only.
Perhaps she desired BDSM
or any other sexual play
after living together
for 47 years.
She had locked me
into a desk space in the kitchen
where I write my poetry
the floor space where I place
my printed sheets to dry.
But I said nothing as advised
by a sensible woman who cares.
She lives now for her own
pleasures depicting her fashion
while I translate my novels
reliving them again.
Creativity needs personal space
quaint hours of
concentrated efforts and
no disruption of one’s flow.
She tied me up
repeatedly in support of her
own space
and even if I have to respect
her antics
it hurts me physically
but mentally I’m on a flight.
One may tie up
one’s partner for whatever
pleasures one wishes to derive.
One can…

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