the state of a poet’s awareness.



The place where I used to live
confused me
as I stepped out into the cold air
of indifference
that slammed the door of comms.’
into my face
shut out the uncanny collector
of words
or so she said repeatedly
in a continual round dance.
The lack of basic senses
confuses the strongest human
with mysterious misconstruing
that happened when building
the Tower of Babylon
in human relations.
It fell like a house of cards
through man’s arrogance
challenging the gods.
And nobody gave me his hand
to pick me up from the kerb
of cast-out social failures
save for one man.
Although I still could contribute
been enriched through 75 years
of life experience – you know?
Where the boil of dog days
left many wanderers stranded
on endless highways
to seek a better life ahead and
many will make it far better,
than the people…

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