Passion fires.

Sated colours of an evening
design the specific stage set:
bartender’s neon red jacket
reflects on the ice cubes of
a generous scotch.
A dance of narcissist women
entices the girlfriend’s fantasy
with love as a foursome in the
wall to wall mirror.
Imagine an all rounded woman
out of innocence to perfection
nursed by a zoo-man she met
by pure chance
who’ll dance in his palatial
Viola on stage – who are you
and what will you be?
Selected by the god of dance
her silken wrap
fresh mountain air
the building of a dream
with a rain of rose petals upon
her white-skinned nude:
Nightmares? Dreams?
The artist is not accountable
to his Muse
to his lover
or to anybody else!
She’ll move supple like a queen
shaping Ravel’s Bolero.
The open log fire of passion
matches bodies and souls
love’s final death in the glow
of charcoaled wood
golden and caramel ballerinas
with a threesome final act
in front of the same wooden
glowing fires
of inert female passions.


poetry in art

poetry in art: passion fires

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