April revisited

April revisited

Body aches –

A sore thumb on

the right hand to

be pulled by the left.

Heartaches –

Who’ll need a lashing

with words that

started off with an apple?

Hygiene –

She’ll never be ready

for some tender moments

but she’ll inspect his penis

If it’s properly cleaned.

Quality time –

He’ll write on his laptop

or seeks excellence in art

while she’ll dress to kill and

rushes out for a walk.

Anger –

She’ll poison his thoughts

with her life unsatisfied

kills him with psycho attacks

which she blames he does

to her.

Satisfaction –

She’ll get none –

it’s mutual work

he’ll get some – movies

are real enough to join in.

Cult –

She’ll venerate the god of

High fashion

while he’ll describe his art

merely a thing of imagination

where followers mingle online.

Love –

Is love death? So said Anne

and Albert readily agreed.

For him it’s art as for Picasso

for her a statement

she does not understand.



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