Birthday Style.

Birthday Style.

So this was to be

A happy day 75 years ago

When he saw the light of day

For the first time

And now?

His spouse gives him cries

Of uphill talk and void of love

And passion

Dried-out like fruit

Left in the moody sun

He writes a story of love

Of his first time

Excitements of two hearts

In the bloom of their youth

Then pain and loss

Until he finds his great love

Nearly lost his mind about

Her untimely death

Cursing Fate

Letting him meet her so late

Makes no sense:

This thing called Love

None at all he muses

Looks at a nude

He blew-up from facebook

And she loves him

Birthday style.



April revisited

April revisited

Body aches –

A sore thumb on

the right hand to

be pulled by the left.

Heartaches –

Who’ll need a lashing

with words that

started off with an apple?

Hygiene –

She’ll never be ready

for some tender moments

but she’ll inspect his penis

If it’s properly cleaned.

Quality time –

He’ll write on his laptop

or seeks excellence in art

while she’ll dress to kill and

rushes out for a walk.

Anger –

She’ll poison his thoughts

with her life unsatisfied

kills him with psycho attacks

which she blames he does

to her.

Satisfaction –

She’ll get none –

it’s mutual work

he’ll get some – movies

are real enough to join in.

Cult –

She’ll venerate the god of

High fashion

while he’ll describe his art

merely a thing of imagination

where followers mingle online.

Love –

Is love death? So said Anne

and Albert readily agreed.

For him it’s art as for Picasso

for her a statement

she does not understand.