Fighting Stance






His movements are swift and elegant. The aesthetics of Tai Chi are all important to him, especially stances. One recalls animals and at times a butterfly, being here and there, resting for a few seconds with sudden bursts of movements that are of dire consequence to his opponent, and certainly deadly to his enemies in battle. Yet he always seems a dancer, fleet-footed with bursts of speed and in repose as if frozen for a moment, to gain the concentration resorting back to his inner and outer balance he’ll need to finally overthrow his opponent with harmonious arm movements. And at times it looks a confusing exchange of fast and furious arm movements, pushing hands, as it’s called in general terms, trying to catch the opponent for a throw. It becomes faster, more furious and reminds Kathy of kungfu movies she had watched with Goran, when he studied other fighters in various disciplines.

Goran seems to have slowed down and his opponent senses an opportunity for a throw, but just as he attacks and thinks he has gained control of a move, Goran turns with the speed of a feral cat and catching his opponent unaware throws him to the floor. There’s big applause from the Goran camp, who wants their favourite fighter to win. At the opposite side the hall the supporters of his opponent are quiet, some are booing, with a dusky man in their midst looking angry.

“It is wonderful to watch Goran, don’t you think?’ Kathy addresses her friend Susan; she had asked to accompany her to the quarterfinals of the local championship, where Goran is contender for the top spot again.

“I do not understand much of martial arts,” Susan replies, “but it certainly draws one into its ban.” Kathy smiles.”I guess I am biased,”

“After all he is an exceptional man, Kathy.”

“I adore him, venerate him and I am in love with him.”

“I am glad for you Kathy.”

The fight has passed its main part and Goran leads the scoreboard. The gong announces the end of the fight. Goran is declared the winner by points. Kathy jumps up with joy and sends a kiss to Goran who bows.

While the two friends have a drink at the adjoining cafe waiting for Goran to fetch them, Kathy congratulates him on her cellphone. Shortly thereafter Goran calls her back.

“He’ll be here in 10 minutes,” Kathy tells Susan, whose emergency beeper signals and she checks it.

“Unfortunately I have to go, Kathy, a patient needs my urgent attention.

“Pity you cannot meet Goran, but I appreciate you could come at such short notice.”

“Sometimes I have a chance to sneak out.” She smiles.”Bye Kathy, stay in touch.”

“Bye Susan, seeing you sometime soon.”

“Allright, when I have another chance to get away.” Kathy watches her friend move and she muses about her. What a wonderful person Susan is, always ready to help people in need, especially the burns unit she had put up from her fundraising: Selfless and capable, one of the best maxillofacial surgeons in Europe. It had been not an easy start for Susan. She had been sponsored by a wealthy eccentric, who had a sexual deviation and abused her. However she wanted to be a surgeon and financed her studies by succumbing to her sponsor’s unusual needs.

“A penny for your thoughts.”

“Hi Goran,” Kathy kissed him. “Congratulations for your win.”

“Thanks, it was not an easy fight.” 

“But you did well Goran.” He smiles at her with a boyish grin, his lips curling. Kathy loves this expression, the one she remembers best when she fell in love with him the first time.

“Where is your friend?” Kathy stirs.

“Oh you mean Susan. She had to run off to a patient.”

“Ah doctors are always on the move.”

“She promised to keep in touch. Perhaps we can arrange a lunch?”

“Certainly. I would like to meet her.”

“Let’s go Goran; I have booked a table at your favourite restaurant.”

“In that case I am ready.”

“Allright. I drive.” Kathy takes his arm and Goran’s sinewy body touches hers for a moment. A spark of electricity enters Kathy’s thighs and she is stirred. Wow, she thinks, one touch and she is all feeling ready for his embrace. It is wonderful to love Goran and sense that our libidos are working so strong. She presses the remote to her car and Goran opens the door for her. She swings into her seat with her mini dress sliding up her legs. Goran joins her and he gazes at Kathy’s legs. She has started the car and drives off. Goran places his hand on her thigh. Kathy looks at him shortly and a pleasurable feeling chases up her spine. Kathy drives the short distance from the club to the restaurant. Goran’s hand aroused her and she opens her legs slightly. By the time they arrive at the restaurant she senses that Goran is ready for some more intimacy. She parks the car. Then she cannot wait to embrace him. They kiss and she touches him. He is aroused.

“I want you Goran.”

“I want you too Kathy.”

“It’s not possible to do it in the car.” Kathy fantasized about it.

“Let’s try the backseat.” Goran smiles and opens the back door, takes a seat and waits for Cathy to follow. Kathy’s sexual appetite heightened, she falls over Goran’s body, opens his waist button and lowering his pants she starts devouring him. Their body heat is misting up the windows. Goran slides his hand below her soft top. Their intimacy is intense and Goran peaks.

“Kathy you were wonderful, how I enjoy your oral attention.”

“I love all of you Goran, my man!” Kathy cleans Goran up and they adjust their clothes. Kathy locks her Subaru and they both head toward the facilities to clean up.

The maitre welcomes them.

“Ah Mr Goran, nice to see you again and beautiful Mrs Cathy.”

“Good day Alexandros, nice being here.” He takes them to Goran’s usual table overlooking the Saronic Gulf. Goran gazes at Kathy, still in awe of her seducing skills. ‘The kiss of life’ she calls it. Goran smiles.

“Look Goran how wonderful calm the sea looks today.”

“It is you who look wonderful,” he says and Kathy takes his hands and squeezes them. Their knees meet below the table. Goran feels a new sensation through Kathy’s touches and as he gazes into her eyes, he feels great desire for her moving his hand below the tablecloth and touching Kathy’s inner thighs. “Oh Goran,” she moans, “You have the sparks to arouse me again.” He looks into her eyes that have taken on the blue-green colour of the sea. A scent of jasmine is in the air from a bowl of flowers nearby. She is so special to me, Goran muses. My hurting from the fight is gone and I feel like a reborn child. Kathy looks into Goran’s eyes that have a lively brown sprinkling around his iris that had become translucent green.

“We complement each other Goran,” she coos, but by now my stomach grumbles.”

“OK, let’s order Kathy.” He winks at the maitre‘d who takes their orders.



Caltis wakes up from interrupted sleep. He feels mentally drained but his body is tensed up and he has to get rid of pent-up energies mixed with his desperation of finding money to pay Nanos the interest on his loan. It is a never-ending task of avoiding executing myself, he thinks aloud, murmuring as he sits up in bed. In his dreams he saw himself standing on a box with a noose around his neck. Nasos the loan shark sits in a chair opposite, his foot leaning against a box.

“You have not paid me the interest this month.” His foot pushes against the box. Caltis feels the nooses tightening around his neck.

“I will get it tomorrow.”

“You said that last week.” Nasos grins and lights up a cigar. The acrid smell wafts toward Caltis and he has to cough.

“Stop torturing me Nasos.”

“I will if you pay me my interest due.”

“I have some money.”

“Oh, you have?”Nasos foot pushes against the box again and Celtis fears to tumble down and strangle himself.

“If you take me down I will give it to you.”

“Hah, no way, tell me where it is and I will consider if it’s enough. Celtis directs Nasos to his metal chest. Nasos looks for the cash.

“It’s only 300 and the interest is 500 this month.”

“It’s all I have left for food.”

“Sorry chum, but that’s not good. You have to go I am afraid.” Nasos kicks the box and …Caltis wakes. Sweat covers his forehead. “Damned dream,” he mumbles, “I must have dozed off again.”

I have to win the European Masters championships, even if I have to get Goran out of the way. Dark thoughts infuse his mind and he thinks about ways to get rid of Goran. He showers and when he towels himself off. His strategy to reach his goal and rid himself of debt shapes in his mind: First, he has to assemble his gang, as he has to stay officially clean and only pull the threads. He cannot risk that somebody would detect him being involved with neutralizing Goran. Everybody in the club knows that he is on a highly competitive footing with Goran that borders on a hateful relationship and the club members are already divided about it. Goran still holds a majority share in the Martial Arts clubs and most members stand by the ‘Chrysos Iroas’ – The Golden Hero – as he is called by all his fans, especially as he is popular with all women. Caltis feels a twang of deep-rooted jealousy pervading his innermost core and he bangs his fist on the breakfast table. A glass of tomato juice tumbles and crashes onto the tiled floor, a puddle forms on the white tiles and it looks like blood. “Death to Goran,” he shouts. A startled neighbour’s shepherd dog close to the window starts barking.

He rushes to his desk and writes the names of his former army buddies into his diary. Then he picks the names from his address book and adds the phone numbers. He dials the first one, Takis. He is not available, so he leaves a message. He continues through his list of 10 names. At the fourth name, Georgios, he leaves a message on his answering machine. By the time he dials the eighth name, he gets a direct connection. “Altis,” he recalls the voice of his former army buddy. “It’s Caltis.” There’s a short pause on the other end. “Geewas Caltis, for a moment I was not sure if it is you.”

“How are you Altis?”

“Thank you, not too bad.”

“You sound as if you have trouble.” Altis coughs.

“Well, who has no trouble nowadays?”

“Indeed, tell me.”

“What can I do for you, Caltis?”

“Well it’s not a matter I wish to discuss on the telephone, could we meet?” Altis pauses and rasps.

“Yes, if that’s the case, I have my day off tomorrow”

“OK, let’s meet at the old windmill outside town. I let you know the time.”

While Caltis prepares his notes and tools, his mobile phone rings. It’s Takis.

“Hi Takis, could you come to the old windmill in an hour’s time?”

“Is it urgent?”


“OK, I will be there.” Caltis takes his notes and his knapsack with him, where he keeps basic tools, just in case he has to force a lock.


Caltis muses about the prompt reply from Takis. It seems that he was prepared to meet him. Well I have emphasized that it’s urgent, Caltis thinks, but I never thought he would be ready at short notice. Yet I had saved his life once in a brawl, perhaps he feels that he owes me.

Caltis leaves a note for his daughter to phone her Mom and see how she is doing and that he had urgent business and will be home later as usual. Then he steps into his Fiat 600 and drives the short distance from his apartment toward Voulagmenis motorway heading out of town.

Takis arrives minutes after Caltis, who had already opened the door with his set of burglar-tools, he still kept from his time when he worked as a locksmith. It comes handy now; he murmurs, places the lock picking tools back into his knapsack, fixes a new lock onto the wooden oak door and tests its operation. Perfect.

“Hi Caltis!” Takis emerges from his blue Hundai, he keeps washed and waxed.

“Hi Takis.” Caltis embraces his old army fiend. “Long time no see.”

“Indeed, but I have a good idea that it will change from now on,” Caltis replies. “Let’s go inside, I have changed the lock.” Caltis notices that Takis has kept in good shape.

“I recall your lock-picking skills from back in army times.” Caltis laughs.

“Let’s check the place out.” It is poorly lit from small and dirty windows. He climbs the wooden stair that squeaks now and then, but all seems in good working order. On the first floor they find a table and some chairs. Caltis takes a rag and wipes the table and then a chair.

“Not even much dust, the window frames seem to be in good condition.

“They do not build like this anymore.” Takis replies and pulls up a chair dusting off its wooden seat, when joins Caltis who had seated himself and taken his notebook from his knapsack.

“Now Takis, I have found your details on the Internet and thought about to call you first, as we go back a long way and have been best of army buddies.”

“Yes, true, I am glad you phoned me Caltis.” He rolls his eyes as if he would thank a deity up in heaven.

“Are you in trouble?”

“Well I have lost my job as an accountant in a multinational firm.”

“Well, of course you could carry on to take that job with the company I intend to form,” Caltis replies. Takis’ eyes light up and he sighs.

“That would be just great! Tell me about it.” Caltis moves his seating position getting closer to Takis as if he would confide him.

“It’s top secret Takis, and I am relying on your absolute discretion trusting you with what I have to say like a partner in crime.”

“Yes, like old times at the army. Not a word about our secrets ever came out of my mouth!”

“Yes, that’s it. Now let me tell you.” A sudden sound startles them. It came from upstairs.

“Damned, somebody here?” Caltis shouts. “Let’s check it out!” He takes a torch from his knapsack. The wooden stairs to the second floor were of smaller width and there was only a handrail at the rough plastered wall. As Caltis arrives on the tiny top floor, something grazes his hair. He steps back and directs the beam of his torch upwards. Skeletal feet dangle in front of him. He searches higher. In his beam of light the dried out skeleton of a woman becomes visible, hanging from a rope tied around her neck. Her skin dried out like a mummy’s. “Look at this!” Turning to Takis, he points at the horrid scene in the semi-darkness. Takis says nothing.

“She must have been murdered, Caltis says, “look at her belly.”

“Indeed it still shows a bulge, as if she was pregnant, but she has dried out up here completely.”

“I guess whoever did this had knowledge about mummification. The corpse is over 10 years here and her features are clear and recognizable.”

“You could be right “Takis replies, “we have to get outta here!”

“Don’t panic Takis; this has nothing to do with us. Besides it will be a symbol for our secrecy.” Caltis grinned as he looked at Takis’ frightened face.

“How do you mean?”

“I will tell you soon. Let’s go back to the bigger floor below.”

“We have to open a window.”

“No! The smell would give it away.” At that moment a crow flies down toward Takis’ head. Caltis took a piece of wood nearby and shouted at Takis to duck. With one well-aimed hit he killed the black bird, hitting it again on the floor. “It must have feasted on the corpse.”

“It’s a bad omen,” whispered Takis, “but how did the bird ever get in here?”

Caltis pointed to a small hole around a rafter of the roof support. “There. It must have entered as a small bird sensing the corpse.”

“Let’s have a drink.” Caltis took a bottle of tsipouro from his knapsack and filled two plastic beakers. “Cheers!”

“Yamas,” Takis replies, as he prefers toasting .in Greek. Caltis refills the cups. After some drinks the gruesome find of the skeleton has lost its initial hair-raising impact on the friends and Caltis explains to Takis between cups of the clear white and potent drink his intention to form a brotherhood, a gang that will go through thick and thin. “Like brothers,” he utters as the alcohol seeps into his blood and affects his speech.

“Like Spartan brothers,” Takis lulls and downs another cup.

“I am glad you are with me, Takis,” Caltis joins his toast. With the bottle half empty, Takis uses the torch, setting it on the table and he takes a candle from his knapsack lighting it. Stay here Takis, while I check out if this candlelight is visible through the higher windows to the outside.” He walks down the stairs and switching the torch off, opens the door and walks around the windmill in spiraling greater circles until he has convinced himself that there is nothing to be seen, with the few windows all remaining dark. However, he will place black curtains onto the windows as the beam of the torch walking up the stairs, where most windows are placed, could give away their presence. He will ask Takis to arrange the blackout curtains, as he knows somebody at an alteration shop. When Caltis arrives back he notices Takis snoozing, with his head on the table.

“Takis, Takis, wake up!” Takis stirs.

“Must have dozed off,” Takis mumbles.

“We need some coffee,” Caltis says.

“Let’s drive to the next espresso bar.” Takis agrees.



Kathy meets Susan in the hall of the Martial Arts Club where Goran will be fighting in the finals for the local championships. There is a buzz of a crowd filling the hall to capacity. Susan tried to be in time, but an urgent matter had held her back at her clinic, yet she could leave to reach the championships at half time, when Goran’s fight would start.

“Hi Susan, glad you could make it.”

“Thanks Kathy for the invite, unfortunately I could not attend the social gathering ahead of the fight.”

“It’s all right Susan; I will introduce Goran to you another time.” The bell sounds for the finals to start in a few minutes. Kathy has reserved a seat for Susan. The seats are excellent overlooking the area of a blue mat, indicating the fighting area. Kathy is nervous and she cannot hide her emotion. Susan sensing it takes Kathy’s hand. A relief from tension flows from Kathy to Susan, who experiences a tickling of her erotic spots, as if she would have been touched on her nipples. Kathy had watched Susan’s reaction as parts of her nervousness abides. She observes Susan’s nipples growing hard through the soft cotton of her top. She smiles, Susan has a great liking of her and it is erotic. She had no idea why Susan had attracted her when she met her at first at the clinic for facial reconstruction, where she had accompanied a friend, who had a bike accident and his torn off ear had to be attended to. As she visited, she involved Susan in discussions about her work as a surgeon. Besides having gained great respect for her skills and surgical successes, Susan could not find time enough to follow Kathy’s invitations, until now. The good chemistry between them had taken off to a friendship that became closer with each meeting. Kathy knew that Susan would become more than a friend, perhaps a soulmate, a love interest or a curious partner for an experiment with gender love. She was attractive and sensual, intelligent and highly skilled in her profession. Kathy, the artist sensed her need for intimacy with women. She sketched images of Susan into her journal and added lines of poetry about her.

“Thanks Susan,” Kathy smiled at her.

“My pleasure, I hope I have taken away some of your nervousness.”

“Indeed, I am tense, This fight means so much for Goran.”

“You have deep feelings for him.”

“Yes, but today…”she bent over to whisper into Susan’s ear,” I have suddenly felt great feelings for you.” Susan’s heart missed a beat and then she felt her heart beating faster, as if some electric current had been connected to her.

“I am so glad Kathy,” she said, a warm glance flashed in her eyes. The gong sounded and the fight began. Kathy withdrew her fingers from Susan’s warm hand. She balled fists to help Goran make his moves and swing his arms, but Goran seemed somewhat slower as usual. She felt a rush of cold along her spine, as the two Tai Chi fighters started to warm-up and pushing hands slower for starters, until Goran landed on the mat, but recovered quickly with a side roll pushing himself quickly to his feet. Susan was afraid for Goran to fall behind his opponent in points, but Goran had the more appealing aesthetics of his movements that gave him equal points. Kathy missed the warmth of Susan’s hand and she clapped her hands when Goran made a point and slowly warmed up for his famous stances which changed from horse stance to bow stance with flat and resting stances alternating. He tried to find the weaknesses of his fighting partner, who was equal in skills to him. Goran went quickly through the register of attack modes to see where he could score against his hard hitting opponent. He began a furious onslaught of pushing hands and their combat sounded like a flurry of bird’s wings in flight. Kathy moved her legs, her knee touching Susan’s, who seemed to enjoy their body contact, as she did not mover her foot away. Every time Goran would throw his opponent, she would grab Susan’s hand and squeeze it. It gave her a rising feeling as if she would be having foreplay with Goran. In a way it became that as Goran had to train hard for weeks on end and they had no time for a night together. So all her sexual energy streamed into Susan, who became increasingly charged with Kathy’s eroticism until she felt she would explode. But Kathy sensed Susan’s desires for intimacy with her and she withdrew the moment she sensed her arousal. This game lasted and Susan desired more. Her eyes were on the fight, but her heart sneaked closer to Kathy’s heart, whose body talk gave her away: I- want-you-Susan. Susan’s inner voice responded -Yes, love, yes! It started to make her cheeks hot. She was afraid to blush.

The movements of the fighters became more entangled in greater speed and their footwork became like a dance with continual changes of stance. Just as Goran had changed his foot technique, pulling his opponent wide and throw him to the mat, he came back in a jiffy for another round of spectacular hand pushing. The points were very close, changing sides regularly meant that the fighters were equal and extra time had to be allowed to decide the winner.

At one stage when Goran was behind on points, he looked into Kathy’s direction for inspiration and Kathy send him s kiss. This seemed to raise his strength and while he remained in a resting stance he concentrated, then suddenly he attacked. Not with force but technique and jumps, this surprised his opponent, a less enthusiastic jumper, but more a hard hitter. Goran had finally found the weakness of his opponent, using his fierce strength to soft land his punches and use the momentum to throw him to the mat. Kathy was jumping up embracing Susan. When their bodies touched, a spark connected the friends instantly stirring them up on a spiral.

“Goran is leading, Goran is leading,” she shouted to the handclapping of the crowd. “I love you Susan, soulmate,” she whispered into Susan’s ear. Finally after more time Goran seemed on a winning streak and his fine art of Tai Chi celebration with body aesthetics lifted him above his opponent, who fades, sapped of strength. Goran had used his opponent’s strength to become the victor. Kathy pulled the hand of Susan to follow her out of the hall before the masses would block the exits. Straight to the ladies rooms, she closed the door and hugged Susan kissing her. The rush of Kathy’s adrenalin had inflamed Susan and she kissed Kathy back with passion.

“Come into the cubicle,” Kathy pulled Susan behind her. She locked the door and her hands caressed Susan’s breast. At the same time Susan’s hands caressed Kathy’s hair, whose head slid down to her belly. A feverish shower raced through Susan, as she wished Kathy to eat her up right now. Kathy touched Susan’s pussy through her pants. She sat down on the low wall mounted toilet bowl and Susan spread her legs standing in front of her. Kathy opened Susan’s waits button and her pants slid down her thighs. She wore thongs and her pussy was warm and moist as Kathy slid her finger along her vulva. The moment Kathy’s lips met Susan’s pussy a moan escaped from Susa’s lips.

“I love eating you up,” Kathy whispered as she took a breather. Susan pushed herself toward Kathy and arched back as she felt a warm sensation that spiraled her up into the air. She sensed that she was close to her height as Kathy’s experienced cunnilingus brought her to a soft cry. The sensation of a height had been close to a great orgasm, she remembered she had a long time ago. She lifted Kathy up and kissed her with passion, pushing her top up and kissing her breasts, rubbing her nipples and bringing Kathy to an instant height. Then she rested, suddenly drained from energy, but she recovered as soon as Kathy kissed her, replenishing her lost energies. “We have to clean up,” Kathy said.”Pity, you taste so good and smell so good”

“But I want you” Susan whispered.

“There will be time for that later,” Kathy said, “Right now I have to go to see Goran in his restroom.” Susan’s emergency phone beeped. “I have to go,” she said, “emergency.” 

“Keep in touch Kathy.”

“I will and I am looking forward to our next meeting.”

“Indeed, so do I. It will be my turn next time!”

“I am wet already,” Kathy teased Susan and embraced her. Kathy cleaned up applied her favourite Dior perfume Goran liked so much and rushed through the passage to the restroom area, showing her access card to security.

“Kathy,” exclaimed Goran as she entered his room. He lay with a sheet covered on the massage table, having finished a while ago.

“Congratulations Goran, Kathy came closer and kissed him. He pulled her down and kissed her with passion, surprising her. He still has such strength, Kathy thought. I feel stirred. “Lock the door Kathy,” Goran whispered to her.

“What have we here? Kathy’s fingers moved the linen cover and her head moved down Goran’s body. He moaned and whispered endearments to her, while she began her erotic ritual, adoring his erection. Kathy had great skills in oral sex and while she teased his hard-on, pictures of Susan appeared in her mind’s eye. The flashbacks seemed as if Goran would be intimate with them both in a threesome. As soon as she had rid herself of her garb, she straddled him and rode him like an Amazon. Goran endured but the fight had made him weak and he could only climax after Kathy’s skilful joyride, turning midway around on him showing him her perfectly shaped back.

“I love you Kathy.” Goran whispered and dozed off into a healing slumber. Kathy cleaned herself and dressed. Then she opened the fridge, took out a prepared beef soup package and placed it into a casserole, which she put onto a warming plate. Goran disliked microwave cooked food. When he had rested enough, some hot nutritious food would be awaiting him.