From: “Spleen of Love” (Discovering the Labyrinth) by Z J Galos.

I had a spouse and she, although ill, had agreed to my straying in sexual love: As long as you are discreet, she once said.

I am discreet, only Trudy knows, but does Sola know? She suspects my straying through her fine antennae of a woman writer. She can read my body language. Trudy is as expressive as I am and she may be more of an open book to Sola, than I am.

“Cheers,” I said and emptied my tea with rum, but it had cooled off.

“I will get you a hot one,” Sola said, took my cup and disappeared.

“Thank you,” I called after her and politeness replaced affection for the time being, as I wondered about her. Babette always accused me in the past of lacking affection towards her and I agreed. Life together had left us childless and parentless, most of our lovers had disappeared but friendship prevailed. Yet I still felt betrayed from her previous affairs, as much as she felt betrayed by mine. We had betrayed each other at different times during our married life and subsequent domestic fights welded us rather together than driving a wedge between us. We did not fall apart ever. Something similar must have happened with Sola and George and certainly I did experience her period of transition, I thought. She brought me a mug of tea. Her black crop of hair appeared first and then her sparkling dusky eyes and her smiling magenta lips. As she focused her dark eyes on me, I felt a pang of desire and my heart filled with love. I melted in Sola’s presence, whenever I looked deep into her eyes. She smiled as she saw my gaze and hooked onto it. Her soul and mine connected at an instant!

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