From: ‘Spleen of Love’, by Z J Galos

He never had slept with two women this way before. The one he loved, asleep on him, while the other wanted him. He became suddenly conscious of being loved by two women, who loved each other as well. He thought that Symi had exhausted him, but he felt a pleasant moist sensation. Helen extending herself to his erection, Symi held. As if she anticipated Helen’s approach, he felt his chest tightening as Symi adjusted her face on his shoulder. He felt excited by Helen’s presence, he often imagined to be with him in those weeks of his recovery. She had been close and he often wanted her. Now she did lie next to him with her fire and her moist pubis and she moved with skilful movements exciting him. This way he stepped across a taboo of loving only Symi. As much as he wished to wake her, he wanted her to sleep on and she did not wake to his fingers stroking her side. As his hand moved down close her spine, she moaned soft moans and more intensely as his fingers slid along her bum. As more Helen took possession of his cock and moved on to him, the more his fingers slid into Symi. Helen sped up her ride on him and she brought herself to a height with ah’s and more gasps, relieved rather than giving…

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